SlimEDC is a web-based flexible electronic data capture platform that stands for one of the fastest and easiest way to get your research in pharma done. SlimEDC is suitable for simple market research studies, along with robust electronic patient report outcomes (ePRO) and more.
The user interface is designed to meet the highest users standards and user experience.
And what does it mean in real life?
By using the SlimEDC platform the respondent will never wonder where to click or what to do next in order to complete successfully the assigned questionnaire. The user interface is adapted for respondents with a lack or only little experience with IT applications.
The same approach applies to the administrator interface. It's designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so that any administrative worker should be able to work with the application without any problems. Surveys can be created seamlessly in a couple of minutes. No additional training or installation is required. SlimEDC provides a way how to create online electronic data capture only within a few hours.
Once the collection of data has started you can monitor the real time data online. Study outputs are compatible with SAP and statistical SAS system. As soon as you need to export your data you can do it directly to those systems or export it to XLS/CSV document.
Besides of that SlimEDC can automatically generate documentation for Adverse Events reports.
Gain insights about your brand, perception of the physicians, competition or any other information through online market research delivered to your respondents through SlimEDC platform.
Clinical and/or patients studies
Perform prospective or retrospective clinical studies and/or electronic patient report outcomes (ePRO) electronically using SlimeEDC platform. Safe, GDPR compliant data storage and real-time study results are a must.
With SlimEDC you are this close to addressing your respondents and collecting data from them.
Just follow these 8 steps!
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